The day didn't start like that?

 Morning, the alarm sounds . It takes a lot of energy to be productive every day! That's why I love fruit smoothies, also known as "smoothies", so much. This is a great way to quickly assimilate the gifts of nature - natural vitamins and minerals. Especially when there is a lack of time. To be honest, it seems that I am always short of time!

 That morning, I immediately hurried to the kitchen, making my favorite fruit smoothie. The recipe is simple - apples, bananas, black currants, strawberries and spinach. The taste is truly unique! However, I see that only apples and spinach remain in the refrigerator. One can only imagine what a poor-tasting cocktail I would have shaken.

 Instead of a nutritious and tasty cocktail, I had to be content with a sandwich. And this is just one of the stories that pushed me towards the discovery that I want to share with you.

    Cold-dried [lyophilized] fruit, berry and vegetable smoothies

 About me and the technology of drying (lyophilization) in the cold

 Hi, AhI'm the founder of TrustHemp. Health has always been a priority for me, but sticking to a healthy diet has been difficult. It is difficult to find time for cooking healthy dishes, to visit the store daily, to look for natural products. It seemed that there were too few hours in the day to keep up not only with the work, healthier diet, but also with sports.

  I began to look for ways to quickly and efficiently get a lot of nutrients, as well as natural vitamins. I wanted to discover something like protein bars— fast, convenient. But I was aiming for a healthier alternative. Something that could replace my favorites fruit smoothies. In my search for information about various technologies that preserve what is valuable in food, I discovered cold drying (lyophilization). The more I read about this technology, the more clearly I realized that it could be what I was looking for.


Using cold drying (lyophilization), I was able to dry the fruits, berries, and vegetables used for cocktails and turn them into a powder of fruits, vegetables that were easy to store, prepare and consume. When drying in the cold (lyophilization), removing water from food products, 360 grams of fruits, berries and vegetables, turned into 36 grams of fruit powder, which did not lose the taste, color, texture of the original products, and most importantly - nutrients! In other words, it was a completely natural product, without any artificial colors, or sweeteners. In every sense - it was an organic superfood!


      Drying in the cold (lyophilization)


Drying in the cold (lyophilization) is a method of drying food, or other products. Compared to other methods of drying food products, when dried in the cold (lyophilization), significantly more water is removed from the products, which makes the products lighter and the shelf life becomes longer. Numerous studies have been conducted that have proven that with the help of this process, the largest amount of vitamins, minerals and other useful substances is preserved.


 Drying in the cold (lyophilization) is an extremely complex process that takes place in three stages:


  1. Freezing the product in a vacuum medium.
  2. Primary drying - ice sublimation.
  3. Secondary drying - reducing the moisture in the product to the desired level.


 The crucial moment is sublimation, during which the frozen water contained in the products is converted into steam. Thanks to this, the product does not lose its taste, color, texture, and most importantly - nutrients.


The main advantages of jiving in the cold


  • the dried product retains its color, shape, taste, texture, and most importantly, nutrients
  • the use of cold instead of heat during drying avoids damage to heat-sensitive ingredients
  • due to the evaporation of water, the weight of the product is reduced by as much as 70-90%
  • no specific conditions are required for the storage of lyophilised products
  • products dried in the cold have a long shelf life.


TrustHemp - just what matters


 After many hours of testing, experimenting with different temperatures and vacuum pressures, the TrustHemp team discovered what works. Therefore, in TrustHemp cocktails you will find only what is important. No artificial colors, sweeteners, flavor enhancers, or other unnatural substances. This is a product that is easy to store and use, rich in fiber and useful substances. Tested and tested composition for optimal taste and nutrition. TrustHemp - a real organic superfood!


Why did I create TrustHemp?


 It all started withmy problem and my desire to solve it. And the solution led to excellent technology. Although I created these fruit cocktails for myself, due to their taste, simplicity of preparation and useful substances, cold-dried (lyophilized) fruit smoothies were loved by my family and friends. More and more often I began to hear: your cocktail is too good not to share it with others either! Look around, everyone is in a hurry, running away and many do not have enough time for themselves! It could help other people be healthier too!"


That's how TrustHemp was born. The problem became an idea, and the idea became a product. Although I started alone, now I am surrounded by a competent team. Every day we try to make TrustHemp products even better! 

 I believe that we can help those who often run out of time during the day to take care of what is most important! Let's not forget that food, this is our fuel, and the body is a vehicle that we will "ride" on for the rest of our lives!

TrustHemp values


Ecology and sustainability are our priorities, so we exclusively cooperate with certified and organic fruit and vegetable farms located all over the world.


We supply our customers with only high-quality products full of natural and beneficial substances that improve our daily well-being.


All production and supply technologies related to TrustHemp are based on fair trade principles.


All our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We consider them to be necessary to obtain a sufficient amount of mass media and vitamins.


All our products are 100% organic, grown without fertilizers or chemicals, are not genetically modified.


We give ourselves so that the product that has come into your hands leaves a pleasant memory. Modern six-layer fastenable food packaging is convenient for long-term use and keeps the product fresh.


We value your trust and take any responsibility for the goods and services provided.

Our vision for the future


To become internationally known wholesalers of superfood products.


To provide our customers with only the highest quality cold-dried (lyophilized) products as if we were providing them to our family and loved ones.


To be part of a positive change in the food industry.