TrustHemp Handmade 500ml Fruit Smoothie Beater

€11,99 €17,85

From now on, with TrustHemp's hand-held fruit smoothie beater, you'll shake a cocktail of freeze-dried (lyophilized) fruit anywhere, anytime.

Convenient, compact, lightweight, high-quality, 500ml bottle can travel everywhere with you.

A tight screw on the drinker will not allow you to drain the liquid even in the most extreme conditions.

The stainless steel ball will whisk the cocktails so that there are no lumps left.

The capacity meter located on the beater will help to correctly prepare freeze-dried (lyophilized) fruit smoothies, since it will allow you to add water exactly as much as you need to prepare a cocktail.

After removing the ball of stainless steel, you can use the beater as a drinker for water.



Į plakiklį įpilkite 300ml-360ml vandens, suberkite 36g vaisių miltelių (1 pakuotė) ir suplakite.

Hooray! You already have a thick, tasty and healthy fruit cocktail. It didn't take you more than 2 minutes.

This packet accommodated 360g of fresh fruit and berries!

Perhaps it is difficult to believe in this, but when freeze-dried [lyophilization] the water in the product is converted into gas, which makes the products as much as 10 times lighter.

When freeze-dried [by lyophilization], berries, fruits, vegetables remain thesame size, chemical composition, unchanged color and taste.

Freeze-dried [lyophilizing] berries, fruits,they are frozen in the vacuct and continue to dry in the cold. In this way, biologically valuable substances are preserved (for example, vitamin C is preserved by 100 %), the volume of the primary raw material, vitamins and enzymes are preserved, the natural color is preserved, the smell, a crispy, prickly structure is obtained. TrustHemp cocktail packaging contains only natural, cold-dried [lyophilized] fruits, berries, vegetables andnothing else.

A freeze-dried [lyophilized] fruit smoothie can be a great snack not only for you, but also for your children!

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